Best way to clean oven glass

Image of oven
blueblog 02/28/2018

Cleaning with lemon

If you regularly clean the oven after use, you will not have to scrape the burned grease on the walls and the glass of the stove. In these cases, you can handle only one lemon – cut it into slices and rub the oven walls with them.

Image of cleaning oven with lemonThen wash with a cloth dipped in warm water and then wipe with a dry cloth. But if every time you cook something, you are lazy to clean the oven, there will be accumulated burning grease on the walls and on the glass, which is very difficult to remove.

Heat the oven to 50 degrees, turn it off and wash its walls with a solution made from one portion of warm water and three part of vinegar. This solution will help not only to remove greasy stains, but also to remove the unpleasant odor. The oven is then washed with warm water and wiped with a dry napkin….

The glass of the oven

The oven glass is cleaned with soda that is sprinkled on top and covered with a little warm water to form a thick slurry. Leave for 15 minutes and then dirt is removed easily with a wet cloth. The oven grid is cleaned with soda and water. It is easy to remove the burned fat from the oven using a mixture of grated soap, soda and vinegar. The mixture is left to stand for 20 minutes and then washed with a wet cloth.

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